Our Solutions

E-commerce Fulfilment

E-Commerce is the future for every company and VICO is determined to aid you alongside your journey.

1. Real time Inventory Management

We understand that warehouse inventory management can be burdening, that is why VICO Logistics provides our customers with real time inventory level management through our improved WMS (Warehouse Management System)

2. Orders

Choose a secure service and say goodbye to missing orders, VICO’s order management is API-linked to various marketplaces and shops, orders will be automatically transferred and stored to our system once placed. 

3. Last Mile Delivery

After all the necessary steps, it is time to deliver it to your customers’ doors! VICO Logistics ensures you with the fastest and most secure Last Mile Delivery option in Indochina. Entrust your products with us and we will deliver it with utmost care.

Ecommerce Logistics