About Us

VICO Introduction

VICO Shipping Company was established in 1990, specializing in freight forwarding service in Indochina. Our customers are a huge factor for our growth, it is our honor to be your trusted partner and to share the journey with you.
Vietnam is the nexus of our Indochina network, with branches across Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Da Nang. For over 30 years, VICO Logistics and Vietnam have been growing together, witnessing each other's road to prosperity. To further consolidate our connection with Indochina, we have extended out into Vietnam's neighboring countries, Yangon, Myanmar and Bangkok, Thailand.
One key component that we value more than any of our counterparts is our determination to build a healthy local relationship with every country. We understand the culture, we learn the traditions and most importantly, we care about the people.
Today, we are one of the top consolidators in the ASEAN and Indo-China region and we promise, VICO Logistics will never stop innovating and will forever be on the quest to chase perfection and catch excellence.
Mission and Vision
Our Vision
To be the leading logistics company in Indochina by building stronger ties with our clients and partners, as well as upholding our values.
Our Mission
VICO provides professional service, actively develops and expands its businesses, enabling our clients to benefit from the growing exposure, connections and investment opportunities.
VICO started in HongKong, China
New branches in Shenzhen, China and Da Nang, VietNam
Continue to grow with VICO Logistics in Shanghai, China
New branches in Hai Phong, VietNam and Yangon, Myanmar
New branches in Ho Chi Minh, VietNam